My 8 Rules for Investing in Crypto

In addition to a detailed analysis and assessment of potential investments, you should also set certain rules and objectives when investing in crypto. In this article I have listed my 8 rules: 1. Only invest what you can afford to lose Due to the painful correction of the crypto markets in January 2018, many new... Weiterlesen →

Why Crypto and Blockchain are here to stay

Current economic trends are encouraging more and more people to engage with alternative financial systems. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are on their way to trigger a real revolution in the financial world. Blockchain promises independence, safety, and precision. It provides the basis for financial services, without the risks and costs associated with traditional service providers... Weiterlesen →

Bitcoin ETF – Startet jetzt die Rally?

Im Zusammenhang mit der Entscheidung darüber, ob ein kryptobasierter Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in den USA auf den Markt kommen wird, spekulieren Experten weiter über den Markt und sein Potenzial. Ein verwalteter Investmentfonds, der auf Bitcoin basiert, stellt für Anleger eine weniger riskante und für traditionelle, institutionelle Investoren eine gewohnte Investment-Option dar. Die Ankündigung von... Weiterlesen →

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